Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Year 3, Day # 223 - The Curtain

This is probably the oldest window curtain in Pinecraft. I think this building was the woodworking shop of an old man, almost a hundred years old from Oakland Maryland. I think his last name was Miller. I think he was the grandfather to DK Kauffman who now lives at Cleveland North Carolina. Or he might have been the grandpa to DK's wife Linda. I think he died ten years ago, give or take a year. Every time I bike on Miller Avenue I look to see if this curtain is still there.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Year 3, Day # 222 - A Pinecraft Wedding

There is an Amish wedding in Pinecraft this week. The service and ceremony will be at the Tourist Mennonite Church and the reception is to be at the Amish Church.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Year 3, Day # 220 - In the Wild

I found these ducks in the wilds  behind my house. I am assuming this pair of ducks have been here for a number of years, at least five years. That is unless another pair of the same species came and took their place. Harry and Barb Yoder and Abe & Betty had been feeding these ducks five years ago when their campers were parked next to my house. Back behind my house is also the place where Bobcats travel and the racoons are as tall as I am when they stand on their hind legs or arch their backs and show their teeth. It is a place where the crows and hawks fly and the Mocking Bird sings.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Year 3, Day # 219 - The Beauty of Pinecraft Park

This morning I was reminded again what a unique little park we have in Pinecraft.  My number one thing today was go for a bike ride, especially after yesterday's rain and clouds. So I biked through the park. The parking lot and surrounding area was full of vehicles, but no people in sight except for one lady standing on the creek bank. She was tagged, so I asked her what is happening? She said the woods is full of bird watchers because the birds are grounded after yesterday's rain and the strong west wind we are having this morning. When birds can't continue to migrate, they stock up on food.  So this morning the Pinecraft Park was a bird lover's paradise. 

I love the natural habitat on the banks of the creek. There is beauty in most everything.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Year 3, Day # 218 - Chocolate Cookies

Tonight David Weaver brought a bag of old Chocolate Chip Cookies to the park with intentions of feeding them to the birds at the Phillippi Creek. A few birds looked at the cookies, turned up their noses and left again. A beggar squirrel came right up to me looking for handouts. When I didn't have anything he climbed the tree, so Bob offered him a cookie. He acted just like the birds did, "No, Thanks. I don't eat cookies."